Mission Vision


Stands for Tinabangay Marketing Cooperative

Tinabangay –

Is to Help, tabang, to support.

Marketing –

Is to sell goods or services on the local and international markets

Cooperative –

working together


Willingness to act or work together for a shared purpose.


Cooperatives foster connections by retaining close membership in the society. This, in turn, creates a network of people who are united by a common goal from which everyone benefits.


TMC is a marketing force that will provide services to its members to help market their product, allowing them to increase their income and productivity, and the coop will profit by a percentage that will be divided equally among its members.

We have 2 levels of Marketing:

1.    Cloud Marketing:
– Thru websites and facebook, as well as opening an account and selling in local & international platforms like shoppee, lazada and

2.    Ground Markeing:

‘- Thru local market places, ‘tabo tabo’, friends & referrals

TMC short & long term goals:

–       Contribute to the improvement of individual members’ products

–      Assist in the promotion and enhancement of indigenous native products.

–      TMC will develop high-quality products for local and international markets.